Founded by David Barnum in the 1800's, the Barnum's Hotel on Calvert and Fayette Streets in Baltimore, Maryland was famous for good living throughout the civilized world and quoted as "the most comfortable of all hotels in the United States", by Charles Dickens, a guest in 1842. Barnum's Hotel hosted many notable guests throughout her history, some of which are included in this Register dated April 9, 1859 through September 20, 1859, just months before the start of the American Civil War.

This ledger collection includes the signatures of Alfred M. Barbour, L.W. Washington, Fontaine Beckham, Andrew Hunter and Lawson Botts all of whom became important players of John Brown's Harper's Ferry Raid one month after the close of this Register.

In the 452 pages of this Register you will find the rare signatures of Eli Whitney, Belle Boyd, James Buchanan, Cyrus McCormick, Robert Rhett, Charles Lewis Tiffany, Stephen Douglas, Samuel Morse, Burton Harrison and John Wilkes Booth. In addition, you will find signatures of over 100 soldiers and 60 Officers who would later serve both the North and the South.

This Register includes a beautiful framed image of the Barnum Hotel, a framed receipt dated 1876 and a framed receipt dated 1881.

This set is a "must have" for any historical collector!